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We appreciate your interest in our school, Killearn Lakes Preschool. We realize how important it is to choose a preschool you’re comfortable with and one that will provide the educational and social environment you desire for your young child.

Our purpose is to provide a nurturing, healthy, safe and challenging atmosphere for children to grow and develop at their own rate. Children will love, laugh and learn by engaging in meaningful and developmentally appropriate activities, which include drawing, painting, singing, cooking, playing and interacting with others inside and outdoors.

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Our goal is to create a secure environment for children to build self-confidence through successful interactions with teachers and other children. During this early childhood period, our preschool will provide opportunities for children to explore, question, practice and pretend in order to discover the world around them. This foundation of learning will be the beginning of their journey as lifelong learners and creative problem solvers.

Our classroom curriculum focuses on letters, colors, numbers, circle time and concepts of the week. Each week the activities, projects, stories and music all focus around the theme for the week. Each classroom has an individual lesson plan specifically designed to encourage the learning levels of each child. Writing their names, cutting, letter recognition, word board, calendar, days of the week, opposites, science, painting, singing, and show and tell are just a few of the activities that are incorporated in each classroom. Children are taught to express their feelings through classroom center play and outdoor playtime as well. Children in our youngest age group are introduced to sign language in their daily routine. Potty training is encouraged and reinforced beginning in our 2 year old classroom.

we "OFFER FOR ENROLLMENT"…. A Monday Junior Gym class, a Tuesday Killearn Kids Dance class and a Thursday Playball class.  Playball is a “PE for preschoolers” type physical activity where children learn not only physical movement skills but team and listening skills that they can build on as they grow and learn.

We encourage each child to learn at their own pace within their class and look forward to the milestones as they do. Each teacher brings their own individual and personal touches to their classroom that makes the child’s experience something to look forward to, for the parents too!
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